Duh Sueenengnya….

Diantara kesedihan-kesedihan, terutama kesedihan isteri saya karena “merasa” ditinggalkan bungsu kami karena mereka pindah ke rumah mereka sendiri, sesuai rencana sesudah menikah. Saya cukup terhibur dengan beberapa e-mail. Pertama ketika saya dapet e-mail begini :

Dear Dr. Muchdie,
It was my pleasure to work with you and to publish your book. I hope you will be pleased with the result. Our layout team will take a look at your work, and notify you when your book is ready to go to print. Your book will be in the stores within about 8- 12 weeks. This is also the time when you can expect your free copy to arrive.
If you have someone in your mind, who might be interested in publishing his thesis please remember us. After each new LAP author recommended by you, you will receive an additional free copy of your book.
All you need to do is :
-go to our website: http://www.lap-publishing.com/
-login with your existing username and password, then you will see an application for recommendations
– kindly fill the form.
I’m looking forward to see your recommendations!
Kind regards/Freundliche Grüße
Vitalie Rotaru
Acquisition Editor
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG
Dudweiler Landstraße 99
66123 Saarbrücken

Sayang, kemudian saya dapet e-mail dari Print Management yang memberi tau bahwa file yang saya kirim gak bisa diapa-apain. Dia bilang font-nya tidak disertakan pada file pdf. Saya gak ngerti apa yang salah. Setelah saya pelajari, saya membuat file pdf melalui Save as, padahal seharusnya menggunakan pdf creator. Yang jadi masalah, saya sangat tergantung kepada karib saya, Dr. M Handry Imansyah dalam menggabungkan file-file pdf jadi satu file. Gak apa deh, saya mohon bantuan lagi…

Dear Mr. Muchdie,
I would like to inform you, that your bookblock is not usable for our printing-office. I would like to ask if you can send me a new one, because in the file you have uploaded the fonts are not embedded.
In order to ensure that the PDF version of your thesis or dissertation looks the same on all machines, you must make sure that your document carries its own copies of the fonts you have used. In technical terms, this is referred to as “embedding” your fonts.
Embedding fonts is some sort of security issue the printing press doesn’t let us get over with. So it is vital to have that done to finish the print fault-free. Please ensure that all fonts used in the original word-file are installed on the computer where you create the PDF. We highly recommend to use the attached PDF-Creator to create a printable PDF, because it has all the needed presettings.
If you are using a MAC, open the file with the preview, “save it as”, choose the Quartz-filter and create a “generic PDF-X3”. Check the PDF then carefully.
If you’re using LaTex, look if you can use the ps2pdf14 command (which forces PDFs to be compatible with PDF 1.4, some sort of PDF standard used for printing). If that’s the case it, try entering the command:
ps2pdf14 -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress -dEmbedAllFonts=true mydoc.ps
(where mydoc.ps is the document you want to convert).
Also have a closer look at these links to have it all explained:
Do not use Acrobat Destiller to create a PDF-file. Please see the attached documents, they may help you to create a new pdf-file.
Please send the new bookblock (send one, complete pdf file please!) via email or – if the file is too big to be sent by e-mail, you can try online services like www.wetransfer.com, www.yousendit.com, www.file2send.eu or others. Please do not forget to mention your ISBN 978-3-8454-1847-6 and email-address – this helps us to find your book more easily.
I hope, I could assist you.
Sorry for any inconvenience we cause.

Kind regards/Freundliche Grube

M. Annegret BernhardtPrint Management

Akhirnya, setelah melalui pengerjaan ulang terhadap file-file pdf menggunakan pdf-creator dan digabung oleh Handry, saya up-load lagi file tersebut. Dua hari kemudian, saya terima e-mail dari Print Management dan sekarang tinggal menunggu kedatangannya..

Dear author
Your project “Spatial Structure of the Island Economy of Indonesia “, with the project number 25391, and ISBN 978-3-8454-1847-6, has been sent for publication.
Your book is now sent for printing. You will receive your free copy within 8 to 12 weeks depending on your location.
On top of that, we offer you the possibility to get more free copies of your own book or any other book of our complete portfolio. You simply need to recommend our publishing services to your friends and colleagues by visiting the ‘Author Recommendation’ tab on our online interface or contacting your Acquisition Editor. For each recommended work we publish one free copy of the selected book will be sent directly to your address.
The retail price of your book will be 79.0 Euro. As the author, you are eligible for ordering your book at a discounted price. You can do so by visiting our online shop at http://www.get-morebooks.com. You can find a manual on how to register as an author hereby attached.
In future requests, please always add your Projekt-ID (25391) and your ISBN (978-3-8454-1847-6) in your subject line. This will speed up processing.
Thank you very much!

Duh…sueenengnya…bisa juga dilihat di http://www.bod.com/index.php?id=3435&objk_id=556756


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